Review System

5 Stars

Practically dying (in a good way). This book is usually a childhood favourite or has a bittersweet ending. This book should make me scream, cry, laugh, and giggle in all the most embarrassing ways possible, and my mind should be reeling with questions. Chances are I will throw this book at you and yell at you to read it if you come anywhere near me. *Squeals of happiness*

4 Stars

Really good book, would definitely recommend. No great ‘Wow!’ factor, but I’ll still be enthusiastic. While five stars is more like a ‘AOIBFAIHONJSFJJSDBAOFNAJ OH MY GOD I CAN’T BREATH THIS IS AMAZING’ type of book, four stars is something more along the lines of ‘Yay! This was pretty good.’

3 Stars

Decent…not the best, but pretty average.

2 Stars

Usually this book is DNFed before I finish it, or I finish it but find it…interesting…but not necessarily with a good lasting impression.

1 Star

…I don’t believe I’ve ever given a one star rating before (at the time of writing, though it may change soon sometime). I’m sure I’ve read books that I would give one star, but at the time I wasn’t sure between two or one. And if I did give a one star rating, if you were walking below the window of the building I’m in you might just have a book fall on your head (from me chucking it out in disgust). (But I’m more eco-friendly than that, so hopefully that won’t happen anytime soon.)